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 Miyuki Moon

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Raining sky 13

Raining sky 13

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PostSubject: Miyuki Moon   Mon Jan 28, 2013 6:54 pm

Name: Miyuki Moon
Race: Neko
Gender: Female

Appearance: She is 4 ft, 11 in. Her hair is ash grey yet looks black and is short (almost to the shoulders), and she has black ears. Her eyes are a rose type color. She is pale, and is skinny yet has slight muscles. She always wears victorian style clothing, but her favorite is a red plaid dress with a white petticoat including a red plaid hat and black heels.

History: When Miyuki was born, her parents gave her to her uncle since they couldn't take care of her. Her uncle, Bertram raised her and cared for her though out her life; Everything was perfect. Until Bertram was reported missing after not coming back home from work. So Miyuki (at the age of 8 ) was put in an adoption agency, she was adopted not to long after. Her new family, The Sou's, were very harsh and violent. Instead of Miyuki being a child to them, she was a maid. She was their maid for 3 years. Miyuki hated this life, so she ran away, far away. With no family, no love, and no friends; Miyuki became cold, shy, and a mute. After wondering around, she found an abandoned prison, so she decided to live there. Miyuki would scavenge/steal food just to survive. One day, when Miyuki was scavenging for food; she saw a little boy neko about the age of 8, lost and hungry. Miyuki took him home and nurtured him. He revealed his name to be Tobi and he soon became Miyuki's little brother. After that experience, Miyuki was kinder and she started to talk again, but only to him. They grew up together, and soon started school. Miyuki went to high school while Tobi is in middle school.

Parents: None but has Tobi Smile

Small Description: She loves to read, draw, and especially listen to music (she found an ipod and never lets it out of her sight). She's very shy and she's a mute; yet she has an IQ of 293 so she's vey intelligent. She despises humans. Likes both cats and dogs. Has no friends. Her only passion for living life is Tobi.

Tobi --
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Miyuki Moon
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